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Vishnu Moorti Bhandar

2459, Khazane Walo Ka Rasta, 3rd Crossing, Chandpole Bazar,

City : Jaipur
District : Jaipur
Pin No. : 302001

Website :

Contact Person : Ramakant Sharma

Phone : +91-141-2314656

Mobile : +91-9461588884

Mobile : +91-9414052060

Business ID : 14229

Details : Vishnu Moorti Bhandar was established in 1965 by Mr. Mohan lal Sharma. M.L. sharma is a leading manufacturer and supplier of statues, portraits, national personalities, leaders, indian freedom fighters, god statues, roman art and clay art. It has reached its zenith in a very short span, in the field of statues. Mr. M.L. Sharma had designed several portraits statues,national personalities, leaders,indian freedom fighters, god statues, and statues of gods and goddesses. Several statues of gods in various temples in delhi, mumbai and chennai. Presently artist Krishan Kumar Sharma along with his son Ramakant sharma and a team of upto 5 experienced artist develop statues using best quality makrana marble. 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* Vishnu Moorti Bhandar 2459, Khazane Walo Ka Rasta, 3rd Crossing, Chandpole Bazar,Jaipur,Jaipur
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